ICANN Complaints

If GoDaddy has ever made it difficult for you to transfer a domain away from them, or deliberately stalled until your domain expired so they could extort money from you, I encourage you to file an ICANN complaint. Here is the complaint I filed on 9-7-2011…

I wish to register a formal complaint with ICANN about GoDaddy’s abuse of their accreditation as a registrar in the hopes that enough other people have complained that you will finally rescind their ability to further abuse their customers.  It took me over 8 months to transfer a domain away from GoDaddy, and this is not the first time I have experienced this.  They do everything in their power to prevent customers from being able to leave them, which amounts to a huge waste of time and money for the customer.  I estimate that GoDaddy has cost me over $1400 in lost time just trying to get access to this one domain. So factor in all the other times I have had an issue with them, then add to that a similar loss for all their other customers, and the drain on productivity in the nation is staggering. It’s time for GoDaddy to GO.  Please don’t allow them to continue to do this to unsuspecting customers who are just trying to run a business.  Thank you.

It takes only as long as writing the text if you use the Internic complaint form. For transfer problems, choose the last item on the right side.

GoDaddy couldn’t care less if they are wasting your time. Hopefully, if we muster a loud enough voice, things will change.